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I have been CrossFitting for 8 years, have paid attention to every single CrossFit Games (2007+). It has been amazing to see what has happened since the beginning. The first years winner came to The Garage Games 1 in 2011 to compete. That same year, Rich Froning (the guy in this video still below) came to watch. A year later Rich brought a team to GG1 (and they didn’t win). I have been privy to so many athlete stories in this new sport, and what is really cool, is that now there is the start of what it takes to make a sport professsional. Pay the top winners a quarter of a million dollars for winning the big prize… that starts it, but more importantly. Provide an opportunity for every one else to choose it as sport… whether for their weekend, or their season… whatever you want.

It has been a vision of mine for a number of years, to bring competitive crossfit to the world, so that on any given weekend, a competitive minded individual of any age, could choose a crossfit comp, over a 5k, or a softball game, etc. The dream is a long ways from fruition, but this is why we do what we do in the gym. Fundamentals classes are starting, barbell club will be coming back to stay, and focused clinics are on the horizon. All to help you become better at this sport… so if you choose to make it YOUR sport, it can become your sport.

– Eric

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