WOD Happy Birthday Annice!

Main – CrossFit

Annice is 36, approaching old. 🙂


Quick Run (No Measure)

4 Minute Jump Rope

Runner Stretch

2 times through (10M Runs down and back inside)

Shuttle Runs –

-5 Squats then Run

-5 Pushups then Run

-5 Burpees then Run

-5 Squats/Pushups/Burpees then Run
PVC – 5 push jerks, 5 split jerks, 5 snatch grip push jerks, 5 snatch grip split jerks.


We are giving two options for the rest of November – OLYMPIC TRACK or CONVENTIONAL. If you want to really improve your olympic lifting, then follow the OLY path. We will always do a warm-up that prepares us for the OLY portion, so that the coach is not overly divided.

OLY – 1 set of push, 1 set of split, 1 set of push…

Push Jerk (3 X 5)

Split Jerk (3 X 5)

Shoulder Press (4 X 10)


36 Year Old WOD (3 Rounds for reps)

3 Rounds of:

against a 3 minute clock:

Run 400M perform an AMRAP of KB Snatch in remaining time, using 53/35# (as close to 36 as we have). The bell comes to the floor between every snatch.

Rest 2 minutes, then perform AMRAP of double unders in 36 seconds, then rest 24 seconds and begin the next run.

Count the Snatch plus the DU’s for total rep count.

Cool Down

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