WOD 9/2/14

Main – CrossFit


Escalation (No Measure)

10 Push-ups
Run 100′
20 Push-ups
10 Squats
Run 100′
20 Squats
10 KBS
Run 100′
20 KBS
10 Pull-ups
Run 100′
20 Pull-ups



Weighted Pull-ups (5RM – strict pull-ups)

try to do simple strict pull-ups if you don’t have weighted.

Or bent over rows 1 X 5

Weighted Pull-ups (2 sets of 15)

Bent over rows 2X15 if no weighted pull-ups


CrossFit Games Sprint Chipper (Time)

21 Wall Ball GHD Sit-ups (20#/14#)
(touch ground touch foot rest with wall ball)
15 Snatches @ 165#/105#
9 Burpees over wall
(use a 40″ box and climb over it, burpee on other side – high box side and three 45# plates, or two boxes stacked on 20″)
Start 2 minutes behind for any class with more than 4 people in it (share GHD’s)

Cash Out

Metcon (Time)

30 OHS 65#/45# for time.

Cool Down

Stretch out, and roll around.

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