WOD 9.4.15


World Wide WOD – link and code:


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Work on something you SUCK at, handstand walking, handstand push-ups, double unders, pull-ups.


WWW GA 21-15-9, 15-9-3 (Time)

RX + version (load)

21 Sit-ups (abmat, or without)

15 Snatch (155/95)

9 Bar Over Burpees (facing not necessary)

15 Sit-ups

9 Snatches

3 Bar Over Burpees

Remaining time of a 11:00 minute Cap to max Clean and Jerk (all Male athletes will have the ability to take the bar up to 315# with ONLY one set of 25’s, one set of 15’s (or an extra set of 10 and 5) one set of 10’s, one set of 5’s, one set of 2.5’s per bar. Only other plates allowed are 45’s). Womens bars can go to 250-260 max. Same as above with one less set of 45’s with a 35 or 45# bar.

Other division Link – http://www.thegaragegames.com/events/world-wide-wod-global-aftermath-2/
This is a snatch workout, be sure you pick a weight that you can do, but it should not be easy touch n go snatches. If technique is not there, use your coach to pick a clean and jerk weight.

Cool Down

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