WOD 9.24.14

Main – CrossFit


Run 400M
Bear Crawl
Walking Lunge
Downward Dog
Inch Worm
Inverted Burpee


Shoulder Press (4 sets of 6-8 reps)

Press x 6-8 reps @ 20X1 – Rest 45 seconds
Chin Ups x max reps – Rest 45 seconds after each set
Russian Twist x 20 (no load) – Rest 90 seconds before next press



Double EMOM (2 Rounds for reps)

EMOM 10min Odd – Push Press x 5 (50-60% of 1RM), Burpee Box Jump x 5 (24/20) (this will be packed in, move fast)

Even – Double Unders x 30 OR max reps in 30 seconds for RX+ (if you have more than 30 doubles per 30 seconds)

REST 2min then:

EMOM 10min Odd – Row 15 calories
Even – Burpee over the Erg x 8-10 reps

Record LOAD in notes and total REP Count – RX should be 50 reps on the odd minutes and 130 reps in the even minutes, if you sub singles, do as many in 30 seconds as possible, do not click RX.

For EMOM two, record reps as calories plus burpees

Cool Down

Low Back – Stretch Hamstrings seated and pull knees to shoulders while lying on back, foam roll the lumbar spine.

Calf stretch.

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