WOD 9.22.14

Main – CrossFit


Barbell and Wall Balls (No Measure)

Run 200M carrying a wall ball
10 Good Mornings With Barbell
10 Burpee Wall Balls (burpee with chest to the wall ball, then pull it up, into a squat and launch. Catch, and repeat.
10 Barbell Thrusters
Run 200M with the wall ball
10 Behind the neck push presses
10 Sit-ups holding wall ball


RDL (Snatch Grip – 4 X 6-8 RDL)

Romanian Dead-Lift
After each set of RDL done at 30X1 – Seated Alternating Kettlebell press (1 arm at a time, but left, right, left, right for 6-8 reps per arm @ 20X1, followed by –
Rear Foot Extended Split Squat (holding both kettlebells), with one foot up on your 20″” box at a time, drop with the foot on the box knee towards the ground and box, as if you are moving to sit on the box, 6-8 reps per leg @ 20X1 then –
10 reps of ring Push-ups, parallel to floor, 1010 (1 second lower, 0 second at bottom, 1 second up, 0 seconds at the top).

Rest 90 seconds before starting the next set of RDL.


Metcon (Time)

Weight Loss Focus –
Run 400M
150 Double Unders
Run 400M

Metcon (Time)

Strength Gain Focus –
Row 200M
20 Power Cleans at 85% 1RM
Row 200M

Cool Down

Mobilize shoulders, LAX ball in shoulder blades, and roll low back hams and quads.

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