WOD 9.17.14

Main – CrossFit


Garage Games WORLD 3 (No Measure)

2 Rounds NOT for time –
200M Row
100 Single Unders
40′ of each: butt kickers, frankensteins, burpee broad jump
10 push-ups
10 sit-ups
10 GHD back extensions


Snatch OHS Complex (5 Reps X 1 (each set of 1 PS, and 3 OHS is 1))

1 Snatch – 3 OHS
Followed immediately by 5 HIGH box jumps, try to get to 36″/30″, followed by side planks, 30 seconds per side. Rest 30-60 seconds before starting next set of Snatch.


1000M Row Buy In PU.KBS.HSPU (Time)

1000M Row Buy-in followed by
3 rounds of
20 Pull-ups
20 KBS (1.5/1.0)

RX + = Chest to bar, 2.0/1.5 and 15 HSPU

Cash Out

Metcon (Time)

Weight Loss Focus –
30 Burpees For Time

Metcon (Time)

Strength Gain Focus –
30 KB Snatch for time (load to comments), equal reps per arm in any order, concentrate on pulling through the trap with high elbows.

Cool Down

Stretch and LAX the shoulders. A LOT.

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