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Testing the Couplet for the 2016 Masters Tour



This is make up day for last week. If you don’t have a 10Rep on Front Squat, Push Jerk or Power Clean, do those. If you do, work on handstands. Holds, walks, push-ups. Add extra performance as needed.

Push Jerk (5 @ 70, 5 @ 80, 10 @ 80+)


This is my proposed 2016 Mastes Tour Couplet. If any of you want to go to Hilton Head for the weekend of the 4th (10/4) for Masters Tour 2015 and you are 35 years and older. Let me know. – E

2016 Masters Tour Couplet (Time)

9-6-12-3-18 :

ANY Squat and Shoulder to Overhead (barbell from the floor)

Transitional reps can be thruster FROM THE FRONT only.

The ANY squat means you can position the barbell in a back squat position for any of the squat reps, but it must be returned to the front for the shoulder to overhead.

RX + = 135/95 (RX weight for 35-39)

RX = 115/75 (RX weight for 40-49)

RX – = 95/65 (click RX add load in notes, this will be RX weight for 50+)
IMPORTANT – Strategy Tip – I would front squat on the first and second set, and try not to put the barbell down. After the 6th rep of shoulder to overhead, I would return the barbell to the back squat position to initiate the 12 squats On the 11th squat, i would push press over my head to the front rack position, then i would thruster the 12th rep to gain the first S2O. If i ever needed to drop, I would likely keep the bar in the front rack for any added reps. Try to hold the bar as long as possible, and watch this turn into a 3 minute WOD.


Front Lever (4 attempts to develop the skill of holding 1 leg)

Cool Down

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