WOD 8.8.15

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Divide the numbers below by 2 for a team of 2, or divide by 4 for an individual. You need to divide the work up ahead, BUT if you find you divided poorly, then you can help each other at the end, but don’t click RX. Do NOT report an individual time, this is a team time only, so choose wisely on how you divide work.

“Know Your Limits” (Time)


Total Team Reps to be completed:

200 Pull-ups,

200 Box Jumps(30/24),

8,000# Total Snatch Weight,

36,000# Total DL Weight,

400 Double Unders

You have 2 Barbells and 2 sets of 15# and 25# plates, as well as 4 sets of 45# plates. You have to set the two barbells up front-you CANNOT CHANGE THEM (you can select a 15# or 33# in exchange for one of the 45# barbells at the start). Once the weights are set, they are set. You can however use the same barbell for 2 different movements i.e. a 135# barbell is used for snatches as well as for Dead-lifts.

Divide the work however you want, and accomplish it in any order, BUT you will pre-select exactly how much work each team member is doing. Their card will be filled out with an exact number of reps for each movement (they dont have to do any, it is up to your team to use your teammates as you like), the WOD is done when the last member of your team completes the LAST Amount of work required. No switching out work once the WOD starts.

Two Pull-up Stations, Two Boxes. Two Barbells as described, two spaces for jump rope. You can never have more than two people doing the same movement.

OPEN: 200 pull-ups or jumping pull-ups (no rep scale), 200 Box jumps or step ups, 24/20, 6,000# of snatch, 24,000# of Deadlift, and 600 Single Unders (no DUs allowed).

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