WOD 8.29.15

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Partner Barbell for Runs (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Partner A and Partner B:

24 Minutes –

Partner A starts on an AMRAP of 5 SDLHP, 5 Shoulder to Overhead and 5 burpees over bar – 85#, 55#

Partner B will begin Running Back and forth between the 200M turnaround. As soon as partner A completes 2 rounds, the partners switch, timing the run is critical bc you only switch at the end of a 200M. Athletes cannot do more than 2 rounds of barbell at a time. So cheer your runners on to sprint back.

Scoring –

Final Score will be total Rounds and Reps.

Count each 200M as a round, Count each 5,5,5 on the barbell as a round.

Count 100M as one rep at the end.

BONUS – at the end of the WOD, if the runs are 25% more than the barbell rounds, then you get to add 2 FREE rounds, post it in notes. Do math right please.

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