WOD 7.5.16

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Handstand Walk (3 by max attempts, or work handstands on the wall)


Three Dragons (3 Rounds for weight)

Each Round will consist of an escalating barbell, with your score being the total of each barbell successfully lifted. Each round has required escalation on the barbell (look at each round). Three touch n go successfil lifts constitutes a successful barbell, and you will move the weight up. As many as you can do in the allotted time. Start at ANY weight you want, but you must lift three touch n go to count the barbell, and you can move up as much as you want, up to the prescribed limits listed per movement. You count each successful barbell, not the barbell times three. Re-set each barbell between movements to where you want to start the next movement.

Snatch – 4 Minutes

Increase each barbell by 5# Minimum.

Rest 4 minutes

Clean and Jerk – 4 Minutes

Increase each barbell by 10#/5# Minimum.

Rest 4 minutes

Squat Clean – 4 Minutes

Increase each barbell by 10#/5# Minimum.

Each round is scored by total weight of each successful barbell.

Cool Down

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