WOD 7.20.16

CrossFit Silos – CrossFit



Split Jerk Drill (weightlifting) (Weight)

7 Minute EMOM – 3 reps per minute

You score by totalling each successful barbell. Try to escalate as much as possible, but also pick wisely, failed attempts cannot be re-attempted.

If you complete 3 lifts at 100, then add 100, if you complete 3 at 125, add 125 to that (so far total is 225). If you complete only 2 lifts in a minute (you do NOT get to re-attempt fails), then you record NOTHING for that minute.


SDLHP – Ring Dips (Time)

7 Rounds

10 SDLHP 95#/65#

10 Ring Dips

Eric’s PR = 6:46 (2009)


Cool Down

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