WOD 7.16.15

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Summer Camp IV (Time)

Consider being proactive helping your team get a good score by using your strengths and not your weaknesses.

Team Row is 5k, you must work on the row the entire time until done, consider your best 500M time, then multiply by ten… you will need to kill the row, otherwise you will be wasting time at the end.

140 Overhead Walking Lunges 25#/45# 200 GHD Sit-ups OR 400 Sit-ups

100 Partner Wall Balls (ball must be caught to count, and can never be caught by the person who throws it), every throw and catch is a rep.

200 KB SDLHP (1.5pood/1.0pood)

Any order, but you must keep someone moving on the row.

Reduce the row by 300 M for every woman on the team.

Cash Out

10m Yoke Carry (One attempt at something uncomfortable, not max)

Rack on your back. Unrack facing out, walk out 5 meters and make a turn then return. Use the moveable racks to create the best alley. (Test weights by walking out three steps and turning around and re-racking.) When you are at your max, make the full walk.

Cool Down

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