WOD 7.14.15

CrossFit Silos – CrossFit

This week is considered Summer Camp Week (for adults). All week we will have WOD’s designed for 4, and can be done with as few as 1. Plan accordingly, talk to your community and see if you can meet up at the same time to WOD.



Summer Camp Team 2 (Time)

Teams of 1-4, all working at the same time.

30,000# Squat (Teams of less than 50% men, subtract 30% of weight if all women, or if 25-33% men then subtract 20% of weight)

200 Box Jump Overs – use a small weight stack, but RX is that you have to jump over. RX+ will be a 20″ or 24″ box height (same for women or men, you choose how you want to lay the box). RX could be two 45# plates or more.

200 Hand Release Push-ups

2 Miles of running (this could be two people running 1 mile each at the same time, or different times, or 4 people each doing a 400)

Cash Out

Front Lever (5 attempts, record best)

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