WOD 7.13.15

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This week is considered Summer Camp Week (for adults). All week we will have WOD’s designed for 4, and can be done with as few as 1. Plan accordingly, talk to your community and see if you can meet up at the same time to WOD.



Summer Camp Partner #1 (Time)

In teams of 1-4 (the work below is designed for 4, divide by 4 to get the per person amount). All athletes can be working at the same time, any order, and can move back and forth between work as desired.

30,000# Overhead Anyhow, which also includes Floor to Overhead KB swing or snatch.

100 Pull-ups

200 Squats

300 Double Unders

100 Burpee Over Partner (sub barbell for singles)
Pick a team name, enter it in comments

Cash Out

Behind The Neck Jerk (3 x 3 behind the neck from the rack)

Cool Down

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