WOD 6.25.16

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Partner – The CORE of it ALL (2 Rounds for weight)

Partner Up

Set a barbell that works for each of you to use for a front squat, the weight is up to you, as you will multiply load by reps.

Required work =

200 Sit-ups

200 GHD Back Extensions

200 Hollow Rocks

200 Superman

50 Toes to Bar

(you can do 400 total Good mornings instead of GHD Extensions)

(partition however you like)

You MUST have the barbell in the front rack position to do work, and the only score is weight times reps of front squat.

Consider that this barbell must be held for work to occur, and if you are holding it, why not squat it.

This is scored as two rounds, the first round will be where you enter the total load.

The second round is where you will enter your time in this fashion:

if it takes you less than 10 minutes you will take your total load times 1.5 and add it here. If 10-12 minutes, 1.4, 12-14 minutes, 1.3, 14-16 minutes 1.2, 16-18 minutes 1.1, 18-20 minutes 1.0, continuing down every two minutes drops one tenth of a multiplier. Thus you are rewarded for getting it done fast, but the load really matters, so if you do it really fast and get few reps, you will not score well.

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