WOD 6.13.16

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Partner WOD today, or individual if no available partner. Partner with someone equal to your fitness.


Shoulder Press (1RM in 10 Minutes – Keep trying to get more.)


GG1.2 2016 WOD #1 (AMRAP – Reps)

Partner Up – 10 Minute AMRAP

21 synchronized burpees to a plate (each has a 45# plate)

every 3 reps perform 1 clean 100#/75#

21 synchronized sit-ups, every 7 reps perform 1 clean

21 ALTERNATING Box jump overs 20 OR 24 (step up and over is allowed)

partner carry down and back

Individuals do 11 box jump overs, and carry heaviest KB possible at the shoulder


GG1.2 2016 WOD #2 (Weight)

5 Minutes of Squat Clean

Each partner from WOD # 1 completes a squat clean every minute. You can make as many attempts as you like, but you record your heaviest completed in that minute. Every minute is scored separately.

Record your INDIVIDUAL total weight for all 5 minutes (5 scores added together) in the score, and the total with your partner in the NOTES.

Cool Down

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