WOD 5.30.14

Main – CrossFit




Bench Press (5 RM Bench Press – spotters needed.)

Work up to a 5RM on bench press, work in pairs to get there quickly but safely.


Fran (Time)

Thrusters, 95# / 65#
RX – the thruster has to be pushed overhead, not in front of the head, to be called RX. Coach will demonstrate. Chin must be over the bar for all reps as well.

Time domain – scale the WOD to get into the 2-7 minute time domain. Nothing over 7 minutes is the goal.

Cash Out

Hanging L – hold for max time, or H hold. Hang from pull-up bar holding an L or an H as long as possible. 1 time, record seconds in notes.

Cool Down

Forearms can be smashed with lax ball, shoulders distracted with bands and lax ball mobility.

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