WOD 5.29.14

Main – CrossFit


Garage Games WORLD 3 (No Measure)

2 Rounds NOT for time –
200M Row
100 Single Unders
40′ of each: butt kickers, frankensteins, burpee broad jump
10 push-ups
10 sit-ups
10 GHD back extensions


Back Squat (3 RM in 10 Minutes)

Back Squat (2 X 3 @ 90% of 3RM above)


1 Mile Run (Time)

4 – 400’s is the accepted mile. Run it hard and fast.
you should be pushing yourself so hard that you want to puke before you finish. You should surprise yourself with your time. We want to see several sub 7 times today.

Cash Out

Ten minutes on a goat. Work on kipping swings, and handstands, double or triple unders, etc.

Cool Down

Don’t neglect the hamstrings and calves, and quads and hip flexors. Work the IT bands and floss the knee joint.

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