WOD 5.17.16

CrossFit Silos – CrossFit



10m Yoke Carry (5 attempts at heavy load, with turnaround for 10M)

Rack on your back. Unrack facing out, walk out 5 meters and make a turn then return. Use the moveable racks to create the best alley. (Test weights by walking out three steps and turning around and re-racking.) When you are at your max, make the full walk.


5,000# Overhead Anyhow with Row (Time)

5000#/3500# Overhead Anyhow

Set one bar weight, no changing. You can snatch or clean and jerk interchangeably.

Every even minute, on the minute (including the start of the WOD) – ROW 200/150M

Record time, and total distance rowed in notes.

RX + = 7,000/5,000
Time Domain – work to get this done in under 10 minutes. Be aggressive with the lightest weight conceivable.

Cool Down

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