WOD 4/25/2016

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Kipping swing – T2B vs Pull-ups. In a T2B – you lift the legs towards the bar while pushing chest away, then aggressive pull with the hips and kick. The push-up caries, in that you first lift legs while pushing away the bar (THIS IS HIGHLY LAT MUSCLES), then aggressively kick the feet out and down at the moment you begin the pull towards the bar.

Toes-To-Bar (4 sets of 4-10 strung together)

Work on the kip more than working on T2B or Pull-ups.


Rowing Wall Balls AMRAP (AMRAP – Reps)

20 Minute AMRAP –

Row 400M, then Wall ball for max reps. Max reps means the moment the wall ball stops in its movement pattern, you have maxed out. This is a catch squat and explode and release movement, no pause.

20#-14# ball

Every time you stop wall balls, you row.

Score is ONLY the Wall Ball Cumulative reps. Post how many rounds completed to notes. Hurry or take your time on the row, your call.

Cool Down

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