WOD 4.28.14

Main – CrossFit

Today is the recycle of last months strength. Meaning 4 weeks ago today we did the same strength. Try to look back at each of your sessions and beat them even if it is only by 5lb. After this month we will be changing the reps and weight now that we have focused on building some muscle and learning the basics. You will start to see more skilled and fast movements.


I AM CrossFit (No Measure)

3 Rounds NOT For Time:
100M Run
20 Left arm KB Swing
10 Burpees
20 Right arm KB Swing
10 Pull-ups


RDL (4 X 8-12 – record heaviest 1X8)

Romanian Dead-Lift


Walk Lunge KBS (Time)

5 rounds:
20 Barbell Walking lunges 95/65 (back position)
15 KBS 1.5/1pd
Rest 1min between rounds
25min cap

Cool Down

stretch everything

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