WOD 4.11.14

Main – CrossFit


Coaches Choice


Pull-ups (10 Minute AMRAP of STRICT pull-ups)

However you do them, no kip. If you need a band, DO RING ROWS and mention it in comments.


DL – WB (Time)

50 Deadlifts 135/95
50 Wall-balls 20/14
RX+ Rests 5min and does it again but the second time Power cleans instead of deadlifts at the same weight – record your total time for both including the rest

You can OBVIOUSLY not do RX+ if you cannot clean this weight 50 times.

Cash Out

If NOT doing RX+ : do 20 Pistols per leg, holding onto the rig, lower yourself as low as possible using your arms to balance yourself.

Cool Down


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