WOD 2.13.16

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In reverence of those fighting for the win at GG ONE.4!



GG ONE.4 (AMRAP – Reps)

Partner up – Get Minimum of 200 Points in each area in 18 Minutes, after wards, get as many points as possible in any areas.

AREA 1 – Pull Thyself

RX – 30 Points for Rope Climbs; 10 Points for Bar Muscle-Ups; 5 points for CTB pull-ups

Masters/Open – 30 Points for Rope Climbs or Bar Muscle-Ups; 10 Points CTB pull-ups; 5 points pull-ups; 1 point for burpee to a plate.

AREA 2 – Clean it up RX 155/105; MASTERS 135/95; OPEN 105/75

RX/Masters – 20 Points for each Squat Clean & Jerk; 10 points for each Squat Clean; 5 points for each Power Clean

Open – 20 Points for each Clean & Jerk: Clean may be Squat/Split, or Power; 10 points for each Clean; Clean may be Squat/Split, or Power; 5 points for each Deadlift

AREA 3 – Hanging by a rope – You must perform the rep in the designated station.

30 points for each triple under RX/Masters/Open– you must announce the triple and only triples will account

10 points for each double under RX/Masters/Open

1 point for each single under RX/Masters/Open

AREA 4 – Upside Down

RX – 30 points Deficit HSPU (45# plates); 10 points HSPU to ABMAT; 1 point push-up

Open/Masters – 30 points HSPU to ABMAT; 5 Points for Push-ups

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