WOD 11.28.15

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Dead Head (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Partner Work – One partner completes an ENTIRE round, while the other rests. Work hard, they are waiting.

You have 12 minutes to accomplish 5 rounds

Run 200M

Dead-Lift 1X Bodyweight 12 times

Sit-ups 12 reps (RX + = GHD)

You switch off at complete rounds, one member can go two times in a row, when switching you MUST TAG HANDS after the last sit-up.

IF you reach 5 rounds, you rest the remainder of 12 minutes, and the clock starts for another 12 minutes, during which you need to get 5 more rounds however NOW there are 15 reps of each movement.

IF you reach 5 rounds, there is one more set of 12 minutes with 18 reps per movement, to achieve 5 rounds.

If you make it this far, you will record your final rounds and reps, and time to notes.

If you are cutoff in the final 12 minutes, record the total rounds and reps.

If you fail to get 5 rounds in either of the other sets, you will add 2 more rounds and finish at 7 rounds or 12 rounds and post your time to notes.

Total volume is not awful, one member will do 8 total rounds, the other will do 7 if you complete this workout.

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