WOD 11.26.15

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Turkeys Gone Bad (AMRAP – Reps)

In teams of 2

5 Stations, 2 Minutes per station (two stations for each movement so two teams go together), exchange work/rest as often as you like.

Each Station will have a women’s weight/station, and a men’s weight/station.

3 Rounds For Reps –

Station 1 – Wall Balls (20#/14#)

Station 2 – Sumo Dead-Lift High Pull (75#/45#)

Station 3 – Box Jumps (20″ both sexes)

Station 4 – Push Press From the Rack (75#/45#)

Station 5 – Row For Calories

Station 6 = REST 2 minutes

The first two teams will enter at station 1, the second two teams start when the first teams rotate, the third two teams enter at rotate, until there are up to 12 teams (including the resting team) in the gauntlet. Beyond 12 teams, the will wait til a second heat begins.

Total Reps will be the score, be sure you always have somebody ready to record total reps per station. Do your math at the end.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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