WOD 10.6.14

Main – CrossFit


Fun Warm-up 1 (No Measure)

400m Row/Run

Samson Stretch 1/2

Inch Worm 1/2

Burpee Broad Jump

25 Jumping Jacks

1,2,3,4,5 Wide Feet Pushups

25 Situps


Shoulder Complex (start around 70% of 1RM press.)

5 sets of

3 Press

5 Push Press

8 Push Jerk

no dropping during the reps
Start light and work up to a supposed max, use 1 X 1 to measure the heaviest set of the complex


Another Partner WOD – we are gearing up for a week of all TEAM work. Also, Heroes and Villains Competition is November 8th. FOUR person teams. Scaled competitors and RX.

Partner Row/KB (Time)

Each Team Member (teams of 2) must accomplish 3 rounds (any order) of rowing.

Partner A – Row 360/300 (Male/Female)

Partner B – Holding a Kettlebell in either the overhead, or front rack position at all times, never goes below rack, or rowing must stop while Partner B does 3 burpees. (53#/35#)

In addition, Partner B must do 14 Thrusters during this time, 7 per arm. Do them as slow, or as fast as you like.

RX + = TWO kettlebells, thus 14 bilateral thrusters.

Cash Out

20 Hollow Rocks, 18 Superman, 16 Hollow Rocks, 14 Superman, 12 Hollow Rocks, 10 Superman.

Cool Down

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