WOD 10.27.15

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Deadlift (5@70%, 5@80%, 10@85%)

If you hit 10 last time, you need to increase your weight. 10# for ladies, 20# for guys. Its ok if you only get 2-4 reps. Watch the back, hold position tight.


Pseudo Flight Simulator (Time)

10 Double Unders 5 Burpees

20 DU 10burp

30 DU 15 burp

40 DU 20 burp

50 DU 25 burp

40 DU 20 burp

30 DU 15 burp

20 DU 10 burp

10 DU 5 burp

– Cutoff at 20 minutes, you must re-start any set of jump ropes that you don’t go straight through without tripping or stopping. 2 to 1 singles.
Protect your calves. Stretch before, during and after. If you are getting a lot of double under misses, consider switching over to reduce total volume of “high” jumping. Be wise but enjoy the challenge.

Cool Down

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