WOD 10.25.16

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Tabata Klokov (4 Rounds for reps)

2 Minutes of each movement, use one extra 30 second window to change bar weight between movements.

Snatch Grip DL (50% 1RM DL)

Snatch grip Hang High Pull (50% 1RM Snatch)

Behind the neck Push Press (50% 1RM push press)

GHD Back Extensions holding a plate to your chest, 45/25/15/10 are all options for RX

Score each movement as its own round. All DL, all High Pull, etc. Stagger movement start for classes to find GHD bench availability.
REST exactly 8 Minutes from the end of Tabata

Run then Wall Ball (Weight)

8 Minute Clock:

Run 400M then Wall Balls for total Load.

Multiply wall ball reps by total weight of ball (your choice). You can use multiple weight balls, just be sure to record the reps appropriately for each weight you use.

Cool Down

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