WOD 10.15.16

CrossFit Silos – CrossFit



ECHO (Time)

Partner Up –

At the call of “Go”

Sled Pull Buy In and cash out – 90#/50#; 100M X 4 Relay Style

Divide the following work into any order you want, but your partner is your “echo”, Whatever the first person does, the partner does the exact same, so if partner A does 10 KB Snatch, partner B does 10, if 3, then 3… etc.

80 KB Snatch 35#/25# (swings for beginners)

100 one arm KB Walking Lunges

40 Turkish Get-ups

100 Goblet step and SQUAT overs 24″/20″ (hold in front of chest while step over with squat on top of box)

Sled Pull cash out – 90#/50#; 100M X 4 Relay Style

Time Called at last pull. Coach will CAP as needed (sleds are 1 rep per 100M)

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