WOD 10.1.2014

Main – CrossFit


I AM CrossFit II (No Measure)

100M Run
10 Pull-ups
10 Squats
200M Run
10 Push-ups
10 Lunges (with Stretch)
400M Run
10 KBS
10 Wall Balls


Shoulder Press (4 X 4-6)

Doing this with a slow negative on the way down, 20X1 (2 seconds down, no time at the bottom, explode up, 1 second on top).

After each set of press, work on 6 Kettlebell Cleans per arm (1 arm at a time) This is part of our WOD, so work on the technique which is based on speed in the turnover.



Runs and Cleans (KB) (Time)

3 Rounds
400M Run
20 Alternating Arm KB Cleans (alternate EVERY rep) – 53#/35#

The bell will touch the ground for every rep of Clean or Snatch

RX + = 30 Alternating KB Snatches

Cash Out

3 Sets of 20 Hollow Rocks

Cool Down

more foam, don’t skip it.

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