WOD 1.27.15

Main – CrossFit


Coaches Choice – once warm hold an OHS with PVC for 30 Seconds times 2

do 3 minutes of Plank hold X 30 secs, followed by hollow for 30 secs, no rest.


Back Squat (100% of 20RM Back Squat – for max reps)

Push for 25+ reps


10,000# Up Anyway (Time)


You must lift the appropriate weight

You choose the load and you can change your barbell 3 TIMES TOTAL (gives you four different weights counting the weight you start with).

You can only do 30 reps of any one movement.

An example – 30 Reps of Dead-lift @ 225 and 30 reps Back Squat = 13,500#

You have to clean the bar to the rack, but can use the rack for squats. If you drop the weight to clean it, that is considered a barbell change.

You can use a KB as one of your movements ( = a barbell switch).

RX + = 15,000/10,000 and you can only do 20 of any one movement.

Think about doing DL, Clean, Squat, KB Swing, and then snatch. You can also use SDLHP and Front Squat. Shoulder to overhead will not count. Squats and KB swings are the only movements that do not have to come from the ground.

Cool Down

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