WOD 1.21.16

CrossFit Silos – CrossFit



Deadlift (1 RM in 12 minutes)


Tabata Cardio (2 Rounds for reps)

Tabata Push-ups (4 minutes total)

Followed by a 1 mile run or row

Then on the closest minute, or half minute, start:

Bottom to Bottom Tabata Air Squats:

4 minutes of Air-Squats, where you hold the squat at the bottom for ALL rests.

This is a rep count WOD with your time being posted in notes and in the second custom WOD below.

Move fast for bragging rights, but get as many reps as possible.

RX + = pull-ups and you MUST run.

Score the first round as your Push-ups or Pull-ups, and the second round as your Squats.
RX + = pull-ups instead of push-ups and you must run.

Score each tabata as a separate round.

Metcon (Time)

TOTAL WOD time for above. Not just run/row, the whole thing. Post the lost time after the run/row to notes.

Cool Down

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