WOD 1.17.14

Main – CrossFit



Team (AMRAP – Reps)

4 minutes of :45 on :15 off on each couplet

Both partners working at same time

Partners switch after each minute

Push Press #45/33#/ Kettle Bell Swings 1.5/1pood

Box Jumps 24/20 /SDLHP 45/33#

Sit-Ups / Pull-Ups

Burpees / Wallballs 20/14#

Knees to Elbows / Power Clean 95/65#

*1 minute rest after completing each 4 minute pair
One partner is Push Pressing at the same time the other is Swinging KB. Use the 15 second break to switch. Record reps however you want as there is simply ONE total.

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