Summer Camp VI – Finale

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DO NOT split work equally, pick the correct movements based on strengths.

This is the finale, go get it, back to regular WOD’s next week.



Summer Camp VI – Finale (Time)

You can do all work in any order, pay attention to what work is partner work, and what work is full team synchronization. All members can always be working, and you get two barbells per team. And two stations for knees to elbows.

25 synchronized burpees, so you count all team members doing one together, as One

50 Synchronized Squats

100 Snatches at 75/55

80 Synchronized KB Swings – these are two person synchronized, not all team members 1.5/1.0

200 Knees to Elbows

Once all work is completed, your team has a 1600M finale Row. 200M per person then switch, (150M for women). You can not go over the 200M/150M limit. (Be sure to subtract that 50M difference from the toal for each women, times the two times that they will be rowing)

All numbers assume a four person team as we have done all week, reduce appropriately for smaller teams.

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