Member Spotlight

May 2017

Cortney Nelms has been with us for almost a year and a half.  A solid worker, she shows up and does what she is asked to do, smiles, and comes back the next day.  Simple commitment has been our impression of Cortney!

CFS:  So Cortney, why did you end up at CrossFit Silos?
Cortney – I had worked out in the past at a gym that wasn’t a “crossfit” gym but the workouts were similar and I really liked it. I love the feeling of a really athletic style workout.

CFS:  Cool, it totally fits you for sure.   Is there anything about what we do that you feel is the difference that matters?
Cortney –  I love that it’s a workout that is constantly changing. The workouts are (mostly) quick and effective, and never boring! I love weights and building strength I never thought I could.

CFS:  What has your journey been like this time with us?
Cortney –  My journey at Silos has been awesome. Everyone at the gym is so supportive and encouraging, with the best coaches around. Truly feels like a family.

CFS:  What are the down and dirty details of your journey?
Cortney –  I wish I had juicy details to share! I made the commitment to be mindful with my nutrition and get into the gym 4-6 times a week. No pills, no shakes, no starving. Just making myself a priority, and being consist over time!

CFS:  Well it is no secret that everybody here loves you, and the more we learn about you, the more evident the reasons why!  We greatly appreciate all you do for your health, and for those around you!  Thank you!!



June 2016

Adam Levine is our MONTHLY Spotlight, Adam is celebrating his 3rd year of CrossFit all here at CF Silos!  Adam failed to mention this metabolically gifted guy has been able to put on 15 pounds of muscle over the last 3 years!


“Due to Eric Richard’s infectious excitement and encouragement I began my journey into the world of CrossFit exactly three years ago today (thank you Eric). Back then, I was a competitive tennis player, but knew my days on the court were coming to an end… stupid spine!! I remember thinking on my way to CrossFit Silos for the first time that there was no way the love I had for tennis the past 25 years could ever be replaced, especially with a weightlifting sport I knew NOTHING about; however, my first WOD, Kettlebell of Death, proved otherwise.  Even though my time, speed, and form were all terrible, I instantly knew CrossFit was something I wanted to learn and hopefully one day be competitive at doing. It took such a hold in me that I attended five classes per week, even during that first 2-3 weeks of excruciating soreness, because I enjoyed the challenge and supportive community so much. I knew even then that the tennis void was going to be filled…just didn’t realize I’d get so much more out of CrossFit comparatively. Silos is very much tightly intertwined within the fabric of my life now as I love my community of likeminded friends, the clean eating habits learned, and the daily propensity we all share in

throwing some weights around. I’m doing movements and lifting weights I NEVER thought my body type could handle, and at 45 years old nonetheless. I even feel as though Father Time’s relentlessness has slowed to a pace that is much more acceptable now:) Prior to joining my fellow wodders at Silos, I could literally feel my body breaking down, whereas now only muscle and strength gains are felt which translate into more energy, ease of doing physical activity, and just simply feeling good each day – quality of life CrossFit byproducts my Silos peeps and I have grown accustomed to enjoying. Essentially, CrossFit has become a lifestyle for me, as it has for so many others, and I thoroughly enjoy it. Quite simply put, my days just don’t seem as satisfying unless I WOD with my CrossFit Silos family – a big thanks to each of you for your support, camaraderie, and dedication over the past three years. Love you guys!!” – Adam

Q2 – 2016

Ellen won the last Lifestyle Challenge, and in so doing won a $200 Gift Certificate to WODLife, learn more about Ellen here!


CFS – “Ellen, tell us a bit about yourself and your CrossFit Journey”

Ellen – I’ve been cf-ing for 2+ years after having been involved with biking and rowing/erging.  As I hit my menopausal years, my blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight  crept up.  I decided to try CF in an effort to do something better rounded and more consistent; it resulted in dropping about 10 lbs after about the first year. The  draw of CF to me is that it is something different every day and that the people are all really good folks, not caring about your color, status, age, or ability (as long  as you try!). The only time a WOD is boring is if it has a bazillion repetitions of the same movement, which is the worst WOD ever for me, regardless of the  movement.

CFS – “Anything in particular you like, hate about crossfit or the lifestyle?”

Ellen – If I had to  pick a particular movement that I don’t like, it’s a toss-up (pun intended) between snatches and OHS.  Because I have tight shoulders,  leading to poor mobility, these moves are something I will work on this year; however,  my primary focus will be to put together multiple kipping pull-ups and  double-unders (which I seem to have lost).  Last October, my husband and I participated in the 60-Day Turnaround, which not only resulted in a loss of an  additional 14 lbs for me, but also has dramatically changed my eating habits.  While I had healthy eating habits before, I now eat smarter-staying away from carbs  and sugars and concentrating on getting carbs from high vitamin and mineral value vegetables in place of starchy ones and of course veering away from breads,  pastas, and sugary fruits.  When I have a cheat meal, it most likely will be something that has a gravy, and therefore potatoes!  I limit the potatoes and simply use  them as a vehicle for gravy.  My other dietary weakness is dark chocolate anything-but I find I can quell that urge with a small square of dark chocolate in the afternoon if necessary.

CFS – “Look at this list of silly questions, and give me your answers”

Ellen – I have no clue as to what animal…Jeff says a Bear ;-).  Favorite color is blue-couldn’t figure out how to weave that in.  Fav non-alcoholic cheat is Diet Dr. Pepper.  Alcoholic beverage of choice is a vodka tonic with extra lime (in warm weather), but this entire fitness thing 🙂 has completely cut down my consumption of them to rare instances.  Cold weather is more of a time to consume a good red wine and luckily, under the 60 Day regimen, is allowable on occasion.

CFS – Ellen, thank you so much for all of your effort in everything, we love and appreciate you!