Success Stories

  • You asked for success stories, so I’ll give you mine. It’s nothing dramatic on the outside but it did make a dramatic change in my life. Last fall I decided that my workout routine needed to be changed up a bit and I’m glad I found CrossFit. I have been an avid cyclist and runner for almost thirty years. I started participating in bike races and triathlons when I was 13 years old and was a competitive runner and triathlete during my college years. Mountain biking has been my sport of choice for the past seven or so years and I was getting bored going to the same trails. Motivation was my biggest problem. And so my waistline continued to grow until last fall when I was creeping into a size 35 waist. I was a 29 “back in the day” and at 5’6”, that’s not good! I knew something had to change. One of my customers told me about CrossFit. She started doing CrossFit back in 2010 and raved about the results she got from sticking with the program. So, I decided to give it a try. I stopped by CrossFit Silos and Aubry signed me up and I did my intro class later that day. I was excited to try something new and dove right into the WOD’s. I also changed my diet around a bit. It was never bad, but it needed to get better if I was going to achieve my goals. Dialing back carbs and sugar and making healthier choices made a big difference in how I felt. On my first official day, the WOD had pull-ups – of course! It hurt to eat with a fork or scratch my ear for the first two weeks. Then around 4 weeks in, all of a sudden, things got a bit easier. The bands went away before long. Every now and then I could "Rx" the WOD. After about 3 months in, I started feeling much stronger. After about 9 months, I wasn't worn out by Friday after WOD'ing all week. Little changes, but they add up and I feel I've come a long way since I started. All of the little aches and pains that I had that I attributed to simply getting old just vanished. Seeing gradual improvements in my strength, coordination and flexibility is great and it provides the necessary motivation to keep at it each week. November 13th will be my CrossFit “one year anniversary” and although I’m still 165 lbs, my waistline is down to a 32 and I feel stronger and more fit than I did in my 20’s. When I first signed up, I said I’d maybe go two to three days a week, but now I’m hooked and most weeks, I’m there five days. What’s more, I love the people as much as the workouts. Great comradery and awesome coaches make me wish I had joined CrossFit Silos earlier! Thanks for helping me change things around for the better! Scott

  • A picture is worth a thousand words! I'm so proud of him... (from Dina Delich)