Showing that technique that matters…

Amanda is here demonstrating a great starting position on her power clean.  The starting pull is extremely important in the Snatch and the Power Clean, and they are different.  The difference lies heavily in the width of the arms, as you widen your grip for the snatch (snatch grip), the torso will obviously be drawn closer to the ground, thus forcing you to bend over more, or squat more (squatting deeper is the correct stance).

In the power clean, with the arms shoulder width apart, you will be able to elevate the hips to more closely approximate the dead-lift starting position.

Amanda Power Clean


The shoulders over the bar or just slightly in front are good starting positions, and the hips (which will appear different in their height from athlete to athlete), are at the height that allows the shins to be straight.  Thus pulling from the ground can be done in a straight path up the body, until past the knees where the athlete explodes with a jumping motion.  A slight alteration of the bar path out from the body is acceptable here, but not as much as the snatch.

Catch with fast elbows (which means, you aggressively drive your elbows forward forcing the barbell back on the chest) once the bar travels high enough to hit the collar bone (which happens either from high pulling in a power clean, or fast squatting in a squat clean).

Go have fun!

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