Our Trainers

  • Box-200x300I’ve been an athlete for 14 years and counting. I have participated in a variety of sports including Gymnastics, Soccer, Swimming & CrossFit. I was a year round competitive swimmer for Chattahoochee Gold and Kennesaw State for 6 years and also played varsity soccer in high school. I was attracted to weightlifting in order to gain strength and muscle tone, but CrossFit enabled me to couple that desire in a competitive environment. CrossFit became an avenue to become a better me every day and keep that competitive spark. My favorite movements include handstand walks and cleans. Coaching at Silos has been motivational in itself for me personally to help other meet their fitness goals!
  • 934703_497283810357682_2022573998_n-200x300Heather Barr is, to many; a wife, a mom, a coach, a friend, a mentor, and a well-rounded athlete. After 12 years of traveling the world as an internal audit consultanti for the Big 4 Heather settled down with her husband Jeff in Alpharetta, GA in 2012. After having two children, life changed for the better as a mom and Heather landed a local job that kept her off the road as Director of Internal Audit for a public company in the hospitality software industry. During this transition off the roadie life and into family life- she developed a strong passion for strength and conditioning and getting back to her inner athlete. Heather played basketball, tennis and soccer competitively for 15 years, and was looking for something else to challenge her outside of work mentally and physically. She did her first CrossFit workout in January 2013 and immediately fell in love with the program based on its undeniable results and great sense of community. Heather values the importance and beauty of being strong, powerful, explosive and balanced, and likes to push athletes to a place of self-discovery to find out how deep they are willing to go and how much they are willing to leave on the floor in pursuit of their goals. Heather has a BS in Business Administration and a Minor in Marketing from LSU and is a certified CrossFit Level 2 & Crossfit Weightlifting Coach. She’s also currently manages our CrossFit program design. Heather is honored to work with a group of brave, disciplined and loyal individuals unafraid to challenge and rise above their personal best, in and out the gym. In her free time, she enjoys taking her kids to the beach, watching LSU football, paddle-boarding, cycling, everything Netflix and organizing community workouts with her friends in her family garage gym.
  • http://crossfitsilos.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Michele.jpgI began Crossfit three years ago only to get hooked after my first wod! Crossfit had everything I was looking for at the time, most importantly a challenging way to increase my overall fitness. Little did I know what else I would gain. I gained strength I never knew I had. I gained confidence in my ability to try things I had never dreamed of doing (handstands at 45)! And best of all I gained a new set of friends who were on the same journey I was. I then combined my new love for Crossfit with my background as a teacher (13 years in elementary and preschool) to start the perfect career. I love running the Crossfit Kids program at Crossfit Silos! I have the pleasure of watching these kids get stronger, faster and fitter! Best of all I get to watch them gain that same confidence I have since beginning Crossfit in 2012. - From the photo you can tell, she lives the CrossFit Silos moniker - Stronger Than I Look! #silosstrong
  • coach_eric-150x150Dr. Eric is one of the owners and coaches at CrossFit Silos. He started CrossFitting in February of 2006, with his first workout being a strict pull-up Fran that took 18 minutes (the last round of 9 took 5 of those minutes with about 30 seconds between every rep). That day changed his life as he realized that CrossFit was true fitness. He has played hockey since three years old, and won two collegiate national championships, but contends that he is fitter now than he ever was during that time. Now he adventure races with Andy, and competes in CrossFit comps whenever he can. He is CrossFit Level 1 Certified, a Doctor of Chiropractic and has a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology. Eric is also co-founder of The Garage Games, the largest fitness Competition series in the world.
  • http://crossfitsilos.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Jim.jpg"Jim is the most committed CrossFit Coach of all time" - says his class attendees on a regular basis. He gets to know you, he understands your limits, and the limits that he can help you over come. Jim is the full package! As an evening coach, he gets to take people from the stress of a commute home, and turn around their evening leaving his classes feeling inspired and motivated!
  • http://crossfitsilos.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Tammy-1.jpgTammy is the director of personal training for CrossFit Silos. A personal trainer before falling in love with CrossFit... her first CrossFit experience was signing up for a CrossFit competition, winning it and then joining our gym! Shortly after she pursued her Level 1 CrossFit certification, and has been leading women who would otherwise be scared of CrossFit, into our gym ever since.
  • http://crossfitsilos.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Brad.jpgBrad is a coach in our morning classes, and also leads fundamentals classes for the new members, bringing them up to speed quickly with comfort in understanding all that we do in CrossFit!
  • http://crossfitsilos.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Francisco.jpgFrancisco is our YOUTHFUL ENERGY coach! He puts a ton of time into preparing himself for every single day and every single class. A coach with a desire to help you become more. Francisco competes in CrossFit competitions regularly, and he is committed to helping you do the same if you desire. CrossFit as Sport, has become a focus of his for everybody. "When you are training versus working out, you are always more committed"! Come Join Francisco and set some goals!