Mind Set

Good Read from our friend over at OCCF

Mindset is the real game changer. Mindset is the foundation of health. Mindset is what makes the difference between failing and achieving, between making it or breaking it. Mindset is what sets the 2%ers apart from the rest. Mindset is powerful beyond measure. Don’t believe so, change your MINDSET.

This can apply to your CrossFit workouts, your career, personal life, EVERYTHING!

Mindset is the entire system of thinking – believing – and deciding that drives the sum of action and inaction in one’s life. Yah google it, do your homework and while you’re at it look up PMA- Positive Mental Attitude. Practice it, learn it, live it.

The right mindset is the first rule of success, happiness, and peace. It can set your creativity on fire. It can change your outcomes. It can help you get a 20#PR on your Clean and Jerk, perhaps your first muscle up. It can keep you motivated and inspired on rainy days. It can keep you on track with your diet. It can be the deciding factor for major life decisions.

When was the last time you decided to be successful? Powerful? Happy? Not hope to be, or pray to be, or wish to be. Not wonder or dream or send out a whisper to the universe and wait for reply. No!!! I mean, you decided that come hell or high water, you, my friend, are going to live a life you deserve and dream of! Period. We’ve all had moments in life, where we either needed to do something about it, or make a change. This is called taking action, taking control of our lives. We can all call ourselves Crossfitters now- 3 months, a year maybe 4 years but we’ve taking on the mindset of CROSSFIT. However we weren’t always a Crossfitter, so at some point you decided to try it out, something inside of us desired change, needed more out of life. We all desire a stronger healthier mindset. It’s not arrogant. It’s a choice. It’s assertive and confident. It’s having faith within yourself. And it’s not selfish. It’s self-nurturing and good for you and for those who interact with you.

On the flip side. The wrong mindset, will and can do the exact opposite. Negative thoughts, greif, anger, resentment, doubt, regret, uncertainty, defeated, are all unhealthy patterns. The wrong/negative mindset is hindering to our success, our growth, our development with ourselves and others. A negative mindset can be worse than a disease, it’s defeating, self damaging and can be counter productive. You need to have a positive mindset mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Sounds like a lot of work. Well, it’s not going to happen over night, it will take time and it will require effort on your part. But guess what it will be WORTH IT. I promise.

Keep that positive mindset and the journey will be enjoyable.

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