Going Postal – Labor Day


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Goin’ Postal (4 Rounds for reps)

Teams Of Two –

In this “20 Minutes of Work” AMRAP, you will work in 5 minute sections, with 2 minute rests, or penalties BETWEEN each 5 minute AMRAP. Always ONE athlete working at a time during AMRAP and TWO during the penalty. Switch off and on as you like.

If you do not complete the required amount of work in 5 minutes, then you have a goin’ postal penalty. THE PENALTY DOES NOT COUNT TOWARDS YOUR SCORE.

First 5 Minutes:

AMRAP of RX: 10 Sit-ups, 10 Ring Rows with 120 required reps

RX+: 10 Toes to Bar, 10 Pull-ups with 100 required reps

Second 5 Minutes:

AMRAP of RX: 300 Singles, 20 burpees with 620 required reps

RX+: 200 Double Unders, 20 burpees with 420 required reps

Third Five Minutes:

AMRAP of RX: 10 Dead-lifts 135/95, 10 Air Squats, 10 Jumping Lunges with 180 required reps

RX+: same with 225/135

Last Five Minutes:

AMRAP of RX: 200M run with 6 required runs

RX+: 200M run with 7 required runs

Goin’ Postal Penalty –

RX – 2 rounds of 2 sit-ups, 2 ring rows, 20 singles, 2 burpees, 2 Dead-lifts, 2 air squats, 2 jumping lunges

RX+ = 2 rounds of 2 toes to bar, 2 pull-ups, 20 double unders, 2 burpees, 2 dead-lifts, 2 air squats, 2 jumping lunges.

Each AMRAP is scored.

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