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2016 GG1 – Team WOD 1B (AMRAP – Reps)

9 Minute AMRAP – 3 person team, 2 working at a time in a synchronized fashion

Each station must be worked in for no less than 1 minute. Must go in order and spend at least 1 minute in each station. You can start back over at the top after squat cleans. Only change stations on the minute.

1) RX+: Handstand push-ups: RX: Hand release push-ups – Each rep counts 1 point.

2) Partner Sit-ups – You must exchange 20# Wall Ball (RX both genders) or 45# plate (RX+ both genders). Object must then be carried to the bottom of the sit-up by your partner touch the floor overhead and returned to the top of the sit-up where it will be passed back to you. You will receive a point every time the object touches the ground overhead.

3) Squat Cleans – RX+ 135/95 RX 95/65 – Each rep counts 2 points.

Total Points (Reps) for score.
For todays class, rest 8 minutes, then do it again.

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