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As opposed to last Friday- this SHOULD FEEL like a metcon. Use the same weight across all sets. DO ALL 12 MOVEMENTS EVERY MINUTE ON THE MINUTE- this is NOT an alternating EMOM. You will do 11 total sets for a total of 12 reps per set. If you can’t do the total of 12 reps in :30 or less scale the load or reps.

Metcon (Weight)

Every Minute on the Minute x 11 Mins:

5 Front Squats

4 Push Press

3 Thrusters

Athlete chooses the weight- same weight must be used across all sets. This is a ton of reps so keep the weight light- medium- the push press will be your limiting factor. Find a weight that makes it challenging but doable. Each round should be :30 of work or less. At the end of the workout you should have performed 11 total sets of the 12 movements in the complex above. This is not an alternating EMOM. All 12 reps should be performed every minute on the minute for 11 total sets.


Everyone will be working off a different clock. Make sure to track your start and end times EACH round to calculate the total time it took you to run each 400m- we are doing 4 today (TOTAL=1 MILE)

Metcon (4 Rounds for time)

Post time for each run:

R1- 400 m run

Rest 1:00

R2- 400 m run

Rest 1:30

R3- 400 m run

Rest 2:00

R4- 400 m run

Keep a close eye on the clock for your start and end time. Use a whiteboard to record the time it took you to complete each 400m run and enter your scores separately! 20 min cap
If it is raining during class sub the 400m run for a 500/450m row. Use a running clock- same principles apply.

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