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Hail to The Farmer (Weight)

Partner Up

This is a total WEIGHT WOD

During this 28 Minute AMRAP you will switch on and off performing Farmers carry 200M. Total load carried multiplied by number of carries. You can use different loads but add together correctly. Use KB’s, Barbells, dumbbells… whatever you can carry below the waist.

The other partner who is not on a farmers carry will perform these movements for load –

snatch or clean and jerk, to the tune of every ten reps will count as that weight (pick any weight you like, change if needed)

For example, perform 10 snatch at 75#, and you then get to add 75# to the total

pull-up and ring dps every ten reps counts as your body weight (round down five pounds).

Double Unders are counted as every 100 is bodyweight addition to the total (same rounding rules).

Do reps as you like, switch movements as you like, be diligent in recording correctly.

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