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The complex is 6 sets TOTAL. It should take no more than 15-20 mins assuming you perform a single set every 2-3 mins. The first two sets there are 6 total reps per set. The second 2 sets there are 4 total reps each set. The last two sets there are 3 total reps per set. Record weight used for you last set as your score. Go light and work on technique. We don’t want any cranky shoulders.

BTN Snatch PP-OHS-Pause Snatch Balance

2 sets:

3 Behind the Neck (BTN) Snatch Grip Push Press


1 Pause Snatch Balance (Pause 3 seconds in the hole)

2 sets:

2 BTN Snatch Grip Push Press


1 Pause Snatch Balance (pause 2 seconds in the hole)

2 sets:

1 BTN Snatch Push Press


1 Pause Snatch Balance (pause 1 second in the hole)

Work up in weight throughout the 6 sets. On the snatch balance, work on your hands and feet hitting at the same time! Record your weight used on the last set.

Metcon 1

Metcon 2

Metcon (Weight)

EMOM x 16 (4 Rounds):

Minute 1 – 3 Power Snatches + 2 Tempo Overhead Squats @2211

Minute 2 – Rest

Minute 3 – 5 Squat Snatches

Minute 4 – Rest

Score is last weight used in round 4. Goal is to hit the following percentages of your 1RM snatch…

Rounds 1-4: 50-55-60-65%

50 Wall Balls for Time (20/14) (Time)

50 Wall Balls for Time* (20/14)

Rx+: Men use 30lb slam ball, Women use 20lb wall ball

*:30 accumulated L-sit on 2 plyo boxes every break: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCoq2cTggQQ

I recommend raising height of box to 20″ or 24″ and using two dumbbells under your hands to make wrist flexion easier.

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