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Warm-up (No Measure)

90 Seconds- Max Burpee Pull Ups

Then, 2 Rounds of:

50′ Bottoms Up Kettlebell Walk (Right)

20 Single Arm Press (10 per side)

50′ Bottoms Up Kettlebell Walk (L)

5 KB Windmills per side


Conditioning 2018: 4000m Run (Time)

R1- 800m jog, 1 min rest,

2 x 400m, 1min rest between efforts,

R2- 600m jog, 1 min rest,

2 x 300m, 1min rest between efforts,

R3- 400m jog, 1 min rest,

2 x 200m, 1min rest between efforts,

R4- 200m jog, 1 min rest,

2 x 100m, 1min rest between efforts.

Total: 4000m

Workout Detail: The jog pace is programmed to be at an “active recovery” or “conversational” pace. The remaining intervals are intended to be fast and consistently paced from distance to distance. Remember…the intensity for these intervals must be fast. Helpful hint on “fast” is equal to or slightly slower (1sec/100m) than your 1 mile PR pace.

Workout Focus: Force recovery during the active jog recovery.

Cash Out

Cash Out: Quickie (AMRAP – Reps)

50 jump squats

50 sit-ups

50 push-ups

1 round max pull-ups

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