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Box Squats (1×1)

backsquat to parallel or below to bench or box
Spend 20 mins working up to a heavy single box squat. Hip crease should be below parallel

Power Jerk (8×3)

The feet lift and move in the POWER JERK, and stay connected to the floor in the PUSH JERK. That’s the difference. The power jerk is a style of jerk infrequently used in competition, and a variation of the jerk commonly used in training by athletes who split jerk primarily. Movement Demos here:


Min 1: 1×3

Min 3: 1×3

Min 5: 1×3

Min 7: 1×3

Min 9: 1×3

Min 11: 1×3

Min 13: 1×3

Min 15: 1×3
Goal is to keep the weight the same across all sets aiming for 75% of your 1RM Power or Push Jerk.


15 min time cap

Super Dark Times (Time)

3 RFT:

20 Alternating Single-Arm DB Snatches (50/35)

20 KB Walking Lunges (2×44/25)- this is 10 per leg

10 Box Step-Overs (20) (2×44/25)

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