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Skill / Technique Work

Handstand Push-ups (3×15)

3×15 sets of handstand push-ups

Rest 1:30 between sets.

Within each set, athletes will perform strict handstand push-ups for as long as they are able, once they can no longer do a strict handstand push-up, they will remain on the wall and finish with kipping handstand push-ups to complete the set of 15.

Scaling Options:

Scale to sets smaller than 15. In this option, athletes should have a strict handstand push-up. They will perform a max set of strict, and then move immediately into a max set of kipping, but may not reach 15 total reps.

Utilizing a set of dumbbells, have athletes perform as many strict DB presses until they reach failure, then move into a push press to finish out the set of 15.


Focus on snatch and OHS mechanics.

10R: 1 PS + 3 OHS (Time)


1 power snatch (135/95)

3 overhead squats

Cash Out

Midline Assistance (Time)

2 super sets of:

40 GHD Sit-ups

40 GHD Hip Extensions

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