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Five Fifty Five (3 Rounds for reps)

Do the exercises in order, as a circuit. Do 10 reps of the first exercise, 10 reps of the next, and so on, until you’ve completed all of the exercises. Then repeat the circuit, this time doing 9 reps of each. Repeat the circuit again, doing 8 reps of each, then 7 reps of each, and so on until you do only 1 rep of each exercise. Try to complete the workout as quickly as possible, while maintaining good form. Record weight used for bench, deadlift and backsquat in that order.

10-1: Pick Your Own Weight

1. Bench Press- enter weight used

2. Deadlift- enter weight used

3. Pushups

4. Pullups

5. Back Squat- enter weight used

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