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This is two supersets. Do A1+A2 then move on to B1 + B2. Pay attention to the tempo prescribed.

Warmup 2018 (No Measure)

2 sets:

A1. 6-8/per leg Low Box DB Suitcase Step Up @21X1 tempo (box below knee height by 4-6″); rest 60sec: https://youtu.be/1F-tgZJkfiM

A2. 6-8/per arm 3-Point Dumbbell Row @20X0 tempo; rest 60sec: https://youtu.be/b5eGSMis3kg

2 sets:

B1. 6-8/per arm Half Kneeling Single Arm Bottoms Up KB Press @2111 tempo; rest 60sec: https://youtu.be/JxjgdJcGxng

B2. 6-10/per leg Single Leg GHD Hip Extensions; @2010 tempo; rest 60sec (bodyweight only – use assistance if needed): https://youtu.be/Ev4qQteyUcU


Dead Swingers (Time)

3 Rounds:

100 Russian KBS (1×53/35) Rx+ 1×70/44

10 KB Deadlifts (2×53/35) Rx+ 2×70/44

KB Deadlift movement demo: https://youtu.be/4pH6S5ZMglU

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